21 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors That Are Worth the Money | Glamour

By Talia Abbas , Jake Smith , and Andrea Navarro

There are few simpler joys than switching on one of the best lighted makeup mirrors while getting ready in the morning—well, maybe that and getting your foundation just right or perfecting your winged eyeliner on the first try. Led Bathroom Mirror Cabinets Recessed

21 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors That Are Worth the Money | Glamour

Sure, you can do your makeup just fine under your bathroom’s harsh light bulbs or on your phone’s selfie mode, but who wants to squint for 15 minutes (or more—no judgment) straight? Plus, having a mirror all to yourself comes in incredibly handy on days when you’re scrambling to get to work but your partner or roommate calls first dibs on the bathroom and its mirror. Not to mention the right magnification can help older eyes more easily peep all of those important details.

Nowadays there’s no shortage of options if you’re looking to find the best lighted makeup mirror, no matter how technologically advanced you want to get. There are mirrors with built-in phone chargers and even ones that’ll tell you the weather (yes, really). To make the right choice for your skin care routine, consider these features.

Before you buy a mirror, make sure you know what kind of magnification it’ll give you. (Virtually every choice includes 1x magnification so you can see yourself normally.) The most common is anywhere between 3x and 5x magnification, which is perfect for tasks like applying the best foundation for mature skin or the best lipstick. If you’re taking on more precise challenges like tweezing your eyebrows, removing peach fuzz with a dermaplaning tool, or trying to nail a makeup artist tutorial, 10x magnification or even 20x magnification comes in handy. Thankfully, you might not need to choose; tons of options allow you to toggle or slip between magnification levels.

In an ideal world, you’d have unlimited counter space to work with—but for most of us that’s just not reality. Make sure you pick an option that’ll fit on your (probably crowded) sink or vanity without compromising your ability to apply makeup. Compact mirrors take up virtually no space and can slip into your designer bag for on-the-go beats, while some countertop options fold shut to take up less space when you’re not using them. If you’re really hurting for room, wall-mounted options might be your best bet.

While the lighted makeup mirrors of yore typically had a single type of light, plenty of newcomers feature LED lights—something experts say is worth it, because they best mimic natural light plus offer more options. Many are dimmable and can mimic multiple temperatures, including daylight (best for being in natural sunlight), warm light (best for indoor, low-light settings), and cool light (best for anywhere lit by fluorescents), to help you look your best wherever you’re headed. But if the one you have your eye on doesn’t have this option, don’t sweat it—this feature is just a cherry on top.

You don’t need to be an influencer to want to record your beauty routine. Thanks to a new generation of LED makeup mirrors with built-in phone holders and chargers, it’s never been easier to film yourself in action. Smart mirrors can analyze skin and point out red or dry spots, and the most advanced even connect to the internet and have speakers in case you want to play music or listen to a podcast in the background.

Whether you’re looking for a professional tabletop vanity mirror with big lights or want to get up close and personal with a compact, you don’t need to be a pro to get MUA-level looks. Ahead, discover the best lighted makeup mirrors you can buy right now—including plenty that Glamour editors swear by.

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Best Overall: Riki Loves Riki Skinny Mirror

Don’t worry: The skinny in this mirror’s name refers to how thin it is, not to some misguided ability to make you look slimmer. It’s also an influencer’s dream—in addition to five stages of dimming for its LED lights, it comes with customized HD daylight lighting, a magnetic magnifying mirror, and a magnetic phone clip for—wait for it—the custom Bluetooth selfie function. “I haven’t snapped any pics of myself yet, but I’ve used this mirror daily for makeup application, especially in my dim work office, and find it to be a really useful tool in accurate foundation matching,” says Perrie Samotin, digital director. Granted, it’s a bit of a splurge, but if you’re looking for a mirror that’ll make you look better on Instagram or YouTube, this is it.

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Best Compact: Fancii Lumi Travel Mirror

This little guy is small enough for a carry-on or a desk drawer, and it makes midday or mid-flight check-ins super easy. “I love the side that has an illuminated ring light—it puts out a nice soft glow,” says contributor Erin Parker. But be warned: The 10x magnified side might send you down a rabbit hole of nit-picking—you can see every detail.

Best Splurge: Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Trio 

This top-rated, TikTok-loved vanity makeup mirror is basically the Cadillac of lighted makeup mirrors—and it comes with the price tag to confirm it. But what it sets you back financially, it more than makes up for with its high-tech capabilities and five-year warranty. First, let’s talk about its magnification. It comes with three different views: 1x, 5x, and a mini 10x half-moon that’s particularly great for seeing every single lash as you put on mascara. Its lighting capabilities are also unreal. You can run your finger along the rim of the mirror to make the lighting dimmer or brighter. And it automatically lights up whenever you look into it. “My favorite part, though, is that it’s cordless,” says contributor Lindsay Schallon. You charge it with its USB cord, and it holds its juice for up to five weeks. “My colleagues can confirm I use it an obscene amount at my desk. I don’t know what I’d do without it,” she adds.

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Best for Makeup: Fancii Aura Vanity Mirror

Lighting is really important when you’re doing your makeup. The wrong lighting, and you may find yourself walking out of the house wearing the wrong shade of foundation or too much contour or blush. This light-up mirror has three settings to suit your environment: office, natural day, and evening lighting. “I check through all of them when I’m done to make sure my makeup looks just right,” says contributor Khaliha Hawkins. It’s super easy to use and doesn’t require any batteries. And it even comes with a detachable mini mirror that boats 15x magnification, so you can really nail any little details.

Most Smart: HiMirror Slide Smart Makeup Mirror

If you want to completely transform your beauty routine, try the HiMirror Slide Mirror. It's way more than just a lighted mirror. “It analyzes my skin for me every morning (points out red spots, dry spots, dark spots, etc.) and even keeps track of my skin care and beauty products,” says contributor Azadeh Valanejad. The LED lights have different settings like “outdoors” or “office lights,” depending on what your day is looking like. And it even connects to YouTube, Spotify, and Alexa if you ever want to listen to music or watch a tutorial. “I don’t think I can ever go back to applying my makeup in a normal mirror because this smart mirror has changed my life,” says Valanejad.

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Best Swivel Mirror: Zadro Round Vanity Mirror

This one may look a lot like the traditional lighted mirror you've been using to do your makeup since high school, but it's a must-have—even for an easy makeup look, says contributor Bella Cacciatore. It has the important upgrade of an LED light, plus has a double-sided swivel design. One side is the standard 1x magnification, the other delivers 10x magnification. “This one has light that isn’t too harsh, so I look natural, and the extra illumination is crucial for getting a sharp cat eye—my trademark—every single time,” she says. Also nice: A single charge lasts up to six weeks.

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Best for Touch-Ups: Fancii Mila Travel Mirror

The brightness level and color temperature on travel mirrors is often either too harsh or not bright enough, but the one on this rose gold fold mirror is just right. “The top, magnified side works at 10x magnification and lets you get up and close and personal, but the bottom mirror is by far my favorite for everyday use,” says Talia Abbas, senior commerce editor. “The quality is razor-sharp, and finally I don’t have to worry about putting on too much blush in the office.” The rechargeable battery lasts up to 30 days too.

Best Professional Look: Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror

We’re not all blessed to live in a home with big windows and lots of natural light, but this vanity mirror with lights makes up for that. The adjustable LED lights have two different settings—warm and daylight—which allow you to apply the perfect amount of blush for a natural glow, even if you're prepping for a night out after dark. “Unlike some of the smart vanity mirrors, this one makes me feel like Lauren Bacall or Rita Hayworth on an Old Hollywood movie set (except, you know, I’m not),” says Abbas.

Best Trifold Mirror: Weily Makeup Mirror

“I love a good fold-up mirror, and the best thing about this one is the touch sensor,” says Parker. A simple touch turns its 21 LED lights on, and you can power it with a USB cable or four AAA batteries. The three magnifying mirrors make it so easy to apply concealer and tinted moisturizer with SPF from all angles, especially since the whole thing rotates 180 degrees. For the price, it can’t be beat.

Best Cordless Mirror: Fancii Vera Vanity Mirror

“I recently upgraded from my classic Conair mirror to this one, and I’m not disappointed,” says Cacciatore. “It has a large surface area so I can really see what I'm doing, yet the slim design takes up less space on my vanity than more traditional mirrors (and means more room for my ever-growing lipstick stash).” It has three different lighting settings to mirror office, daytime, and nighttime lighting, so makeup looks correct no matter what time you're getting ready. The best part, though, is that it’s cordless—it charges via USB—so you don't need to be in close proximity to an outlet.

Best for Filming: Conair Social Media Lighted Makeup Mirror

Whether you’re an aspiring beauty blogger or just really like to take bomb selfies, this lighted mirror can help you up your Insta game tenfold. Ulta shoppers consistently give it 4.5 out of 5 stars; this is one of just many great reviews: “I’ve been needing a new vanity mirror. And this one did not disappoint! It makes my selfies even look amazing with the lighting it gives off. I also love how you can adjust the brightness and that the smaller mirror has a spot in the back so it’s out of the way when needed. I’ve already recommended this mirror to so many. It’s also always out of stock, so get it while you can.”

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Best Touchless: Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Round

This high-quality touchless mirror features a Tru-Lux lighting system that simulates natural light, giving you the best picture of how you’ll look outdoors. Best of all, this mirror automatically lights up when you approach it—so you’ll never have to touch it and leave fingerprints all over it. It’s also a favorite on Amazon, where it has 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. Here’s one of many glowing reviews we read on the 'zon: “This is the perfect makeup mirror for brightness, and the magnification does not distort, it is gentle on the eyes when using. The bronze is a beautiful color. Perfect, perfect. I would buy this product again.”

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Best Lighting Options: Jerdon Two-Sided Makeup Mirror

This throwback-style makeup vanity mirror is exactly like the kind your mom probably has tucked away in her bathroom cabinet. Light hits you differently in different environments—so get ready with this mirror and you’ll be prepared for all of them. Here’s what one enthusiastic Amazon reviewer had to say: “In my opinion, no other mirror compares to this. The ones with incandescent bulbs give off far too much heat and the light tends to be very yellow, which often has me skipping the bronzing powder and leaving the house looking like Casper. The light from this mirror’s bulbs are in the ‘Goldilocks zone’: not too cool, not too warm…just right.” 

Best Countertop: Everly Quinn Erkki Round LED Metal Dresser Mirror

Just because you're short on countertop space doesn't mean you have to mount your makeup mirror to the wall. This ultra-slim option has a small, oval base that allows you to tuck it right up against the wall. When it's time to get ready, simply pull it forward into reach. The iron mirror, available in three finishes, is nice and sturdy and equipped with all you need to nail your look. It has 360-degree rotation, plus three light colors you can toggle through simply by pressing the mirror.

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Best 20x Magnification: Fabuday 20X Magnifying Mirror With Light

Though 20x magnification may be more than most people need, it's helpful for those with glasses and older eyes. This swivel mirror gives you the option of both a regular 1x magnification, as well as the up-close-and-personal view of the intense 20x. It rotates a full 360 degrees and also contains 30 bright LED lights that mimic natural daylight, with a suction cup at the base that secures it to the countertop.

Best for Everyday Makeup: Weily Hollywood Vanity Makeup Mirror

If you're not applying a full face every day, you likely won't need this mirror with 12 bulbs. But if you're one to always have a full beat, you'll benefit from its lighting options and 360-degree swivel. “If you charge this mirror, it can work as a wireless one as well, which is why I like it,” says content creator Shelby Jack.

Best for Brows: Luna London Compact 2.0 Travel Mirror

Lighted compact mirrors tend to be on the bulkier side, but this one from Luna is slim and lightweight, making it an ideal travel makeup mirror. It's also a good pick for on-the-go makeup applications or eyebrow touch-ups. “This is my go-to for tweezing my brows,” says commerce writer Andrea Navarro. “I know it's controversial to use a magnification mirror because it can lead to overdoing it with tweezers, but I've yet to go overboard with the help of this little guy.”

Best for Lashes: Corroy Travel Hand Held Mirror

21 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors That Are Worth the Money | Glamour

Led Bathroom Mirror Cabinets Recessed Not everyone needs a giant mirror to get the job done, even the pros. Lash technician, Rosio Diaz, always reaches for this handheld mirror with LED lighting at the end of her sessions. “I think it's a great way for my clients to see every single part of their new lashes and if they want any adjustments,” she says. “I also like that it’s not a super small size.”